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Dany is not only a magnificent and highly Salsa dancer but also excellent teacher. I really like the structure and how simple he explains dance patterns in both online and private classes. I recommend his classes for dancers of any level. Try it and have fun


"I have had 3 instructors and Daniel is the best at teaching and making learning Salsa fun. His style is smooth which is what I’m looking for. Daniel teaches the technical side of sales extremely well. I appreciate Daniel for following his passion.I am a true fan and will remain a fan for a long time."


Daniel understands how to teach in a very competent way. It's a lot of fun to work with him, and I can absolutely recommend him. He is not only an outstanding dancer, but also very talented in the areas of choreography and directing

Where Simplicity Leads to Deeper Connections

With the Daniel's Salsa Online Classes you will be able:

  • to dance with anyone in the world.
  • become confident and establish a connection with any of your dance partners
  • look like a pro while dancing the basic step with your partner
  • join the next salsa party to have your first energizing social dance experience.
  • to go to any parties without fear

Experience the power of simplicity with minimalistic and dynamic Salsa moves designed to deepen your connection on the dance floor. Unlock a newfound confidence like never before.